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Having Stung Moves On

by Howard Louis

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Record 03:50
How do I get by Without sounding like a broken record How do I know when it’s time to go And give myself credit where more credit is due How will I live through a year like this When my mind’s already fraying How do I deal with the mass appeal Of my soul’s journey into abandon and fear The fear steers clear of the smile laying here And the knife keeps getting deeper How do I get by Without sounding like a broken record How do I go from an extrovert To convoluted, so intruded, rooted, endured How will I face another moment out here When my mind’s already breaking Cannot I be a substance freak Or stop being so inclined to think And simply step into this moment And see it temporary How do I get by Without sounding like a broken record How do I take another step forward And learn to love every single scary moment Life’s too short for this solo cohort And the game’s already playing Will not I pull the boot straps up And cherish the moments that will not repeat I still steer clear and swerve to the rear Where the fire’s burning inside of here How do I get by Without sounding like a broken record
Realm 04:47
Here I stand A creature of the night A small child A little boy The wind of morn Comes close to light And this involved sight On the inner side The evil thing Will contain me It’s trickery Into the realm of me Need not I be scared And swallow you right down Okay, I will come to you You son of a bitch You goddamn fool Okay, yes, I’ll bow to you You “world of foggy distance” mule I tried to keep my hands off you And get through life without needing you So doctor please just give me more And help me to keep shut this door To be a mask To be a bee To be a fortress Of decency Power through Your odd machine And keep my feet Off electricity Put my feelers out A signal to myself Chorus Your side effects cripple me And bring my armor down You do the opposite of what you’re supposed to do Chorus
Nothing makes a difference in the matter And I adore the domino effect this has on me Queen bee, fresh scene, look at me in the eye Makes me feel like a new man A new man with a motto Chorus: Stop the underground press I’ve gone and done it again Put a little lipstick on And made myself a mess Cause I’m damned if I do And I’m ruined if I don’t Don’t say you don’t agree I’m pretty like a flower Sting like a bee you see Don’t worry ‘bout me Lightning hit this head more than dirty politicians Someone please pull the key out of the ignition How many times can we go off our reflections If I had a dime for every time I’d get some recognition Chorus I know that time was on our side Now we must run and hide The hell I’ll fall asleep When the nation’s going down so deep Chorus
We'll See 03:54
Dry your eyes on my sleeve Your heart comes out like cream Picture a million years Ahead of where you've been so far Count blessings and turn around A tree falls; does it make a sound? Imagine if this were code red Only minutes left to spare Do you see constellations? Do you hear the howling winds? Can you swim into big abysses? Can you touch the bottom of the sea? We'll see Eat among the fruits you know Check each one for tampering You don’t know what they can do (they do) If they don't know your name Spin around and watch for arrows Flying at your pale white face Imagine if this were a roadblock Only seconds left to spare Do you see running horses? Do you know your father's name? Can you breathe the air surrounding you? Can you hurry up and flee? We'll see Do you see constellations? Do you hear the howling winds? Can you swim into big abysses? Can you touch the bottom of the sea? We'll see We’ll say We’ll sigh
The mark’s been made The deal is flat My soul’s been changed I’d seen to that But I know it’s not right To deny myself this Now the damage is done I’ve up and gone amiss I’ve gone out west Done did a show My how I’ve wept I knew you’d know But I know it’s not fair To bring you in Let you loose in the desert And then condone this sin How I’ve been silenced How I am stuck How I am voiceless Just until now Go and take a good look at it baby You need to move All these things are held up in your honor They’ve been done before Yeah, they’ve been done before I’ve been a mess I’ve been a scene I’ve lost my voice No identity But I know it’s not fair To avoid sleeve-bearing Emotional consistence I’ve went and played the game How I’ve been stoic How I’ve been stunned I’ve kept this poker face Just until now Chorus
Sailed Away 02:25
My only echo of regret Was what I said to you that night Sticks and stones and shaking bones draw blood To such amounts I swear I could have sailed away So what are we supposed to do with this? Solitary momentarily the victims of a crying game Earthquake Hip shake Nothing else compares to you And the beating of my heart slowed down like it was made of glue Muted breaths keep breathing on my skin Inner voices do not tell me what to do (not how it should be) So what are we supposed to do with this? Insidiously emotionally headed for a heavy end
Solution 04:42
If the shoe fits wear it Right into your mistakes Take the sun and set it Do not be afraid If the piano’s dusty Clean it and pen your thoughts If your voice is captive Just wait for its return But this isolating... Does not a solution make Just as you move through me I will now move through you The blurry edge of water My image ceases to exist Take the stage and set it Own it like you always have And let your talent guide you Don’t let it become captive But this isolating... Does not a solution make Maybe I am righteous I suppose that I am To be carried away Into your night of good fortune The time has come to close it The book I have come to write Then the moment of "realize" That the bee having stung moves on But this isolating... Does not a solution make
R.F.T. 04:43
I suppose I've learned quite a lesson Being alone and isolated By myself I guess I have taken With stride and impatience What I've known all too well I digress I’ve walked around aimlessly Sometimes for hours to comprehend this By the way, things aren’t so fine with me Not so contrived with Spite of myself Something to mark your love on my heart Something to chronicle you Something to breathe life back into me Something to give me a voice So... Chorus: I got an RFT tattoo on me To remind me of someone who meant so much to me An RFT tattoo you see To alert me of the love that surrounded my being I suppress the feelings inside of me Until they bubble and surface on top You could see how this can be harder From so many miles and time zones away And I debate on running from this scene Saying damn all to this scene And running back home Still, I guess, you taught me to cherish The opportunistic things that I have Something to embrace nostalgia Something memorialized Something to bite the bullet on Something to bring me peace So… Chorus No hesitation in this mark on my wrist All I do is glance down A subtle gesture to tap into me And let the feeling in Chorus
Soul Shake 05:15
As a man I know what I should’ve done As a son I knew what I was to know As a boy I lacked all fitting in And now I find it feels the same I feel as if the glass is breaking in my hand And the blood is warm yet soothing to my touch again When my soul begins to shake For the choices that I’ve made I promise I’ll not take away your time When the walls are closing in I’m hesitating to begin I’ll guide myself along with your voice Cut now to the time I’ve spent away Flash back if you will to the tears I shed, I shed all day Had I not tread on these waters, I wouldn’t be here I feel as if it’s fed upon my weakened mind And the energy is gone for what was once sublime When my heart becomes a wreck And my life is just a mess I’ll do my best not to complain again When the key’s not fitting in And I lack a sincere grin To all the people throwing stares my way Don’t tell me not to sigh Don’t challenge my alibi If I had reaped what I had sown I would not, I would not be here When my soul begins to shake For the choices that I’ve made I promise I’ll not take away your time When the key’s not fitting in And I lack a fucking grin To all the people throwing stares my way
River 02:41
Any given day Or any given moment Automatically conceive the notion that I'm freed I would speak the words That I thought I would never say Beaming every time You speak them right back to my face I would swim a river to get to you I would take a bullet you know I'll do Chorus: Feeling mighty fine I reach for the sky Toxic air I let escape with a sigh Take you by the hand And plunge into fear Get a grip on it And get into gear I’m sorry for the pain My "pain-in-the-ass-ness” ways The fact of the matter Is that we’re still mighty as stones So let it all be known From this place we cannot be thrown And bask in all the glow That Copenhagen gave to us I would walk on fire to approach you I would (insert line) to get to you Chorus


This album is a response. An echo. A reaction. A strong middle finger to the negative and an embrace to what gives me peace inside. Thank you for listening.


released June 30, 2015

All songs written & composed by Howard Louis
Produced by Howard Louis & John Mondick @ Evensound Studios (West Chester, PA)
Mixed & Mastered by Chris Stever Audio (Nashville, TN)
Additional production on “Soul Shake” by Carl Bahner @ Springhouse Sound (King of Prussia, PA)

Howard Louis- vocals, piano, keyboard, snare, autoharp, loops, handclaps
John Mondick- guitars, bass, ebow, mandolin, bandoneon
Chris Stever- additional electronic instrumentation
Carl Bahner- additional electronic instrumentation on "Soul Shake"

Special guests:
Tracy Bonham- guest vocals on “Voice”
Scott Haskitt- guest vocals on “R.F.T.”

Photography by Shannon Bowman (shot in Phoenixville, PA)
Digital booklet layout by Steve McCann


all rights reserved



Howard Louis Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Howard Louis comes armed with powerful vocals and a piano. He fuses sounds of rock, alternative, pop, and even flavors of show tunes in his catalog of songs. His honest lyrics are perceptive, biting, self-deprecating, and naked. All of these qualities are crafted over melodic soundscapes that are sometimes dark, sometimes quirky, and sometimes raw and beautiful. ... more

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