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Tilting Toward Turmoil

by Howard Louis

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Tilting toward turmoil, indeed Whole word is sick now, it seems Flippantly acting, I think We need this enema, then peace Seriously shackled and seriously shamed When are we going to step out of this twisted game? Isolation nation We’re in so deep Isolation nation Go back to sleep Isolation nation Make us a flag Isolation nation Cat’s out the bag May this day run Make night come on Make it move on as quick as it seemed to come on Who is our leader? A fool! Gone are the days of refuel Obliterate all of the Dream We need awakening as team Intrepidly on our toes we must move Awaken the devil so he can approve Oh beautiful for spacious skies And amber waves of hate We are caught up in a panic Nothing short of pain
Ain't It So 03:35
Well I guess I have a story of someone who has a story about how they overcame A bloated grief within their system, how they came to find a simple cure Billowing within their framework, lenses seeing things they never saw I suspect they wrote the answers down so I can take a cue from what they found Doing this for research (so you know) I’m asking for a friend (should you wonder) Gonna walk to the river And I’ll get a little breather Gonna give myself a go Gonna take it in slow And pave myself a road Gonna let it all simmer down Ain’t it so That’s all I know Do you ever wonder if there is a simple system to how all this works? Some kind of structure you can model and tailor to what you want? Something that is easy yet it challenges you to use your head I guess if this were easy there would be no point to what I ask of you But sometimes I get fidgety and all So I propose a thinker for us all So let’s walk to the river And we’ll get a little breather And we’ll give ourselves a go And we’ll take it in slow And pave ourselves a road Then we’ll let it all simmer down Ain’t it so That’s all we know I wonder if there is a happy ever after A happy ever after in this world I wonder why I just need to know the answers I need to know the answers Right now Right now Right now
Shatter 03:59
Come little man to the center of the universe With your big brown eyes Welcome to the city of the interim Where you can’t escape Slip into something that is comfortable So you can sit still Take a slice of the pie that we call humbling Make sure to oblige May we agree that we won’t condemn May we solely swear to what we bend Then we shatter… Come little girl to the center of the hemisphere You never wanted to go But you must agree to do the traveling We are much too scared May we slyly take on another victim May we divvy the profits of what we bring And then we shatter… Come little thing to the platform of the belvedere I would like to see your face Perfectionist and pacifist is what you can accuse me of That will be okay Can we slowly ease into our cocoons Can we believe in everything that we do And then we’ll shatter…
I’ve done the time I've shed some tears I did the walk of shame right into all my fears I’ve shared my voice I’ve spilled the truth I shared my whole entire life with all of you But most of all, all of these things Have overpowered me I bit the dirt I ate the leaves and there was nothing I could do except appease The so-called things you sent to me As a memento of a non-existant plea Oh the things I’ve done for you They’ve overpowered me I danced with the night Bayed at the moonlight Sure I’d get it right For you and me We fell in love We felt the breeze Sailed a totalitarian and windy sea In acid rain In summer heat We seemed to conquer this and that and everything But there was something so indeed You’d overpowered me I took a risk Then shrugged it off So this is how my mark has made off in this gulf What’s next for me I hear you ask That answer’s not in my wheelhouse or bank of task I wonder how I’ll accept that It’s overpowered me I sing to the night Scream into headlights Sure I’ll win the fight For you I slide out of your sight It’s time I do it right Rip off the bandage it was tight For me Just me
Dignity 03:26
When I was a young boy I was so shy Never wanted to be an attention whore When I was a young boy I never stopped singing Didn’t occur to me that they could hear But I had dignity, dignity So impulsive Flippancy, flippancy Not for me Sympathy, sympathy I want none of it Timpani, timpani Led me here When I was a teen I had some more friends Probably because I had empathy The empathy that got me my first girlfriend Bless her heart for dealing with my bullshit But I had dignity, dignity So impulsive Flippancy, flippancy Not for me Sympathy, sympathy I want none of it Timpani, timpani Led me here When I turned to “adult”, first apartment Traipsing through New York without a care Sooner or later I came to my senses Headed off to Philly with a new purpose But I had dignity, dignity So impulsive Flippancy, flippancy Not for me Sympathy, sympathy I want none of it Timpani, timpani Led me here 36 years later, I’m now in the forefront All of my experiences collected Nostalgic or masochist? You should tell me Why am I rewinding my brain like this? Cause I have dignity, dignity So much more now Wittily, wittily Sometimes not Skillfully, skillfully Fin’lly grounded Friskily, friskily Winding down...
Linda 02:04
Linda We don’t talk all that much We don’t always check in But a quick chat always brings us back Linda You always know how to make a point You always share your opinion And if someone doesn’t get it, you surely have no time I always respect your boldness I always do love your quirk I always love your light at the end of the day Linda You always asked for a tune I always put it aside For a dark tune A sad tune Now’s your time to shine Linda You keep being yourself You keep being a strong one A queen of your own right and that is all I have to say Linda…


released January 8, 2021

All songs written and composed by Howard Frankel (aka Howard Louis)
Produced by Howard Louis & Facebagel
Recorded by Facebagel at Bridgeset Sound, Philadelphia
Mixed & Mastered by Chris Stever

Vocals, piano: Howard Louis
Guitar, bass, didgeridoo: Facebagel
All other instrumentation: Chris Stever

Photography: Colleen Mchugh (@colleenshotme)
Digital booklet: Carolyn Getley


all rights reserved



Howard Louis Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Howard Louis comes armed with powerful vocals and a piano. He fuses sounds of rock, alternative, pop, and even flavors of show tunes in his catalog of songs. His honest lyrics are perceptive, biting, self-deprecating, and naked. All of these qualities are crafted over melodic soundscapes that are sometimes dark, sometimes quirky, and sometimes raw and beautiful. ... more

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